Safe doubles - Backgammon double

Safe doubles | Backgammon Double

There is a very important point to remember when you are in a strong position and the cube is in the middle or on your side of the board, i.e. either no one has doubled or it's your turn to offer a double. If you now get a throw so good that whatever Black throws you are an overwhelming favourite to win, you must play it, if possible, in a way which involves no risk. In Diagram you throw 6-2. It's tempting to use the 2 to make your five point, is it not? But in fact that is the only way to lose this game. If Black throws 6-1 he will hit you, and he will win if he throws two more 6s before he has to break his board. But if you play safe, using the 6 to move a man from your twelve point to your six point and the 2 to move the man from your five point to your three point, you cannot lose, because whatever Black throws next time you will double him and he should drop. This is the time to make the safe play, because you have won the game without any need for risks. The only exception is where you have decided to play on for a gammon instead of doubling.